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you with the couples you can’t wait to serve.

heartfelt content that connects




We’re a blogging and Pinterest marketing studio for wedding pros. In other words, we understand that you’re in a million places at once, that the wedding industry has 1,001 challenges, and that if you’re going to invest in something for your business, it has to work. Instead of wondering if we’ll ‘get it’– we jump right in, partner with you, and take over the blogging, Pinterest, and publication processes you know you need to keep growing.

That all stops here.

You’re spending valuable time creating graphics, writing a blog, or researching keywords that will make the Google gods smile down on you. (And don't worry - if you haven't even gotten started yet because it's just too much to deal with, we're here to help.)

When you could be collaborating with clients or embarking upon your next adventure…

You’re a talented wedding professional who just can’t shake the enthusiasm for connecting with in-love couples and traveling to the world’s most epic locations. 

(Hey, we get that! Your creativity makes us love what we do: making your life easier as a wedding pro who wants to get out there and market to your people.) 

But what’s a wedding pro to do when it takes so much time, research, and energy to create engaging blogs and click-worthy pins? 

As a busy elopement professional, you know this marketing stuff truly matters when it comes to attracting dreamy couples. 


Not only do I know marketing like the back of my hand, but I have the results, process, and experience that will ensure a streamlined, hands-off experience that gets you back to what you love most. 

With a background in project management (not to mention tons of experience working with some of the biggest names in the elopement industry), I’m driven by helping my clients succeed and giving them the best experience ever.

If you’re a wedding pro who loves what you do and feels ready to partner with an expert who will help you grow your inquiries, traffic, and reach, through heartfelt content, then welcome! (Bonus points if you’re obsessed with anything + everything in the PNW. I’ve lived there myself and WOW is it the most beautiful place.)

such as yourself!

...fellow traveler, marketing pro, and experience enthusiast. There’s nothing I love more than collaborating with talented creatives

Hi, I’m Kiersten,

Carmela Gender

“My life is so much better with Kiersten in it! Before I met her, I was struggling to find time to blog and was also just so lost with the Pinterest world. I knew that I needed to make a change and find someone who could understand my business and be able to elevate it in their own way, and she has done exactly that! "

" Kiersten has been so wonderful. I am so grateful that I found her!"

Amy Galbraith

“As a wedding photographer, writing blog posts usually comes last on my list and often do not end up getting done at all. Kiersten does an epic job writing blog posts for me during one of my busiest seasons of life when transitioning from one city to another. She’s organized, a great communicator, and easy to work with. Highly recommend!”

"She’s organized, a great communicator, and easy to work with. Highly recommend!"

Henry Tieu

“There are people who do things because they are good at it and there are people who do things and give it 110% of themselves. They are passionate about their jobs and that’s Kiersten. She’s well-organized, kind, and I love that she takes the initiatives. I wish I could get her all to myself and my business. Thank you Kiersten for everything that you do.”

"She’s well-organized, kind, and I love that she takes the initiatives."


Hear from real clients what it’s like to work 

While we love giving you your life back so you can get to the stuff you like in your business (instead of spending hours blogging and pinning), we’re even more excited about the results clients see from working with us.

The results are even better.

The experience is great.

more results

Every client is different, but know this: when you work with Sonder Studio, you’ll get so much more than your time back. You’ll discover that your ideal clients are not only out there, but they’re searching for you right now.

  • Booking dream clients from pins on Pinterest
  • Getting weddings published in top wedding media
  • 1 million+ monthly impressions on Pinterest
  • 3k+ outbound clicks to their website 
  • Growing SEO queries and traffic every month

(Hint: these are real results from actual clients)...

Imagine a little bit of this in your business 


We’ve got more where that came from.

attracts the exact couples you’d love to connect with? 

Love to see those can’t-believe-it metrics, the proof that all this marketing stuff truly

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