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Named after the concept of sonder: the profound feeling of realizing that everyone (including the strangers you pass) has a life as complex as one’s own. 

It’s the heart of captivating storytelling, evoking the sense that every person not only has a story to live out, but a vivid one that deserves to be remembered, looked back upon, and experienced, both in the moment and again, forever.

We’re here to grow our clients’ businesses through purposeful, results-focused blogging and Pinterest marketing that helps you reach the people you’d love to serve.

Sonder Studio.

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As someone who has lived, worked, and traveled in many of the destinations I write about for my clients (the West Coast, including 7+ years in the PNW area, and Europe), I’m distinctly familiar with the magic of these beautiful locations. That firsthand experience helps me write even BETTER blogs for your audience of lovers, dreamers, and adventure-seekers who want to experience their wedding day their way.

We’ve seen some serious results for the wedding pros we work with and provide an amazing client experience to boot. Seriously – we’re talking page one on Google, and booking clients from your content kind of success. (Head over to our Results page to see for yourself.)

We’re niched to the wedding industry, with specific expertise in supporting elopement professionals. We know exactly what your content needs to say, do, and be to attract the amazing couples you’re excited to work with.

We are experienced adventurers


we get amazing results for our clients


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working with Sonder Studio could be just what you’re looking for.

Before we get into it, discover a few reasons why 

At first, I started with the marketing basics. I grew my skills through practice, invested in hours of education, and, increasingly, built upon his marketing strategy. Over time, we saw amazing results, and I knew I wanted to use the knowledge and experience I had gained to serve other wedding professionals and help them see the same success.

Three years later, I’ve supported dozens of top wedding pros in creating high-quality, engaging blog posts that get them found on Google, building Pinterest marketing strategies that attract their ideal couples, and getting their work published in top wedding media so they can further attract and connect with new clients. 

Humble beginnings

Before I was a marketer, I worked in law, tech, and project management, but none of these professions ever clicked with me. I have always had a passion for the arts and for creativity itself, but it wasn’t until a friend of mine, a talented elopement photographer who documented my own elopement, took me up on my offer to work with him.

Believe me when I say I know the challenges of starting a business from scratch and building it to be the thriving studio it is today.

a fellow traveler, expat, and experience enthusiast.

I’m Kiersten.

Allow me to introduce myself.

If this is sounding awesome, Hey There.

Our specialized experience with elopement professionals, results-focused marketing approach, and personalized (not to mention caring) client experience is what clients love about working with me and my team. I’m all about being communicative and transparent. After all, my primary focus is building a relationship with you while supporting you and helping you expand your business in bold new directions.

value relationships above all.

My team and I 

I’m excited to collaborate with you.

If you’re a wedding professional who loves what they do and feels so ready to partner with a marketing pro, build a relationship, and have someone support you as an extension of your team,

The best partnerships are built on good communication and collaboration. We will help you reach your goals by listening to your wants and needs and providing our recommendations to get you where you want to go.  


We aim to give you nothing less than our very best work so you can achieve the very best results! 


Inclusivity and equality for ALL people are not just things we believe in, but beliefs that we proudly advocate for.


We know that you have worked hard to build your business into what it is today and we strive to honor that work by being a reliable resource you can trust!


At the heart of every interaction is this

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community myself, I care deeply about making the wedding industry a more inclusive space for people who haven’t traditionally felt welcomed. Everyone deserves to have an amazing celebration of love, no matter who they are or who they love.

It’s always my goal, heart, and mission to be a safe space for all. Whether you count yourself among the wedding businesses who have been inclusive for years or you’re excited to incorporate gender-neutral, accepting, and warm language throughout your marketing, I’m excited to support you in doing just that.

I care deeply about inclusivity.

To me, working in the wedding industry is about creating a more inclusive, welcoming space for all couples.

But it’s not just the results that make me the right fit for your business: it’s about so much more.

inclusion for all

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I recently returned from a year residing in in Eastern Europe, but I’ve lived the laptop life all over the West Coast, including seven years in Seattle and a stint in sunny LA. 

I'm an Expat

02  /  05

I didn’t come out until college. People always love hearing how I went from a deeply religious upbringing to being my most genuine self.

My Story

03  /  05

I’ve dabbled in floral artistry and loooove flowers. I dream of getting the chance to work with a florist and combine two of my passions.

My Passion

04  /  05

I’m obsessed with film photography. I collect analog cameras and always have one with me on my travels so I can capture beautiful moments on the go.

What I Collect

05  /  05

When I’m not working, I’m preparing for my next marathon (if you ask me about it, I’ll probably talk your ear off about running), planning dinner dates with my BFFs, or exploring new cities while on the hunt for the best coffee shops around.

On My Time Off

about me.

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